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Hair, Drama, DUIs, and Throwback Romance

Get ready for a rundown of the latest and greatest (or should we say the worst?) in the celebrity world. We’ve got some juicy gossip, unexpected revelations, and a throwback to a 2007 indie film that will make you say, “Wait, what?” So, grab your venti iced coffee and get comfy—it’s time to dive in.

When Juno Was More Than Just a Movie: Olivia Thirlby and Elliot Page’s On-set Romance

First off, we’re taking a little trip down memory lane with Olivia Thirlby and Elliot Page. Remember Thirlby from the 2007 film “Juno”? Yeah, the one that made us all want to buy hamburger phones. Well, Elliot Page just dropped a little bombshell about their time on the set. Apparently, these two had a passionate on-set romance and were doing the dirty “all the time” while filming. We’re all for workplace romance, but guys, there were children on that set (or at least, actors pretending to be children). We’re shocked, we’re intrigued, we’re… totally here for it. Can we get a reunion, please?

Eva Mendes: Beauty and the ‘Beast’?

On to our next piece of gossip: Eva Mendes, the actress who somehow manages to look flawless all the time, just revealed that she has to shave her face every other day. She even referred to herself as a “beast,” which is hilarious because if she’s a beast, what are the rest of us? Potatoes? Anyway, Eva, we feel you on the chills thing. It’s like our bodies are conspiring against us to make shaving even more of a hassle than it already is. Not cool, body, not cool.

‘Summer House’ Rumor Mill: Jordan and Tom Schwartz’s ‘Friendly’ Relations

Next up, we’ve got some reality TV drama. Because what’s a week without some reality TV drama? “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” star Jordan is addressing rumors of a potential romance with Tom Schwartz. According to Jordan, they are “100 percent friendly.” Sure, Jordan, and we’re “100 percent” convinced. Friendly is the new “it’s complicated,” apparently. Anyway, we’re watching this one closely. If there’s a reality TV romance brewing, we’re here for it.

The Real Glow Up: Kim Zolciak Amid Divorce Drama

Now, we have some “Real Housewives” drama, because again, what’s a week without some “Real Housewives” drama? Kim Zolciak, who always knows how to bring the entertainment, has apparently slimmed down and is “glowing” amid her divorce from Kroy Biermann. First off, Kim, you look fabulous. But seriously, who manages to glow during a divorce? Is there a secret divorce diet we should know about? And second, messy divorces are so 2010. Can’t we all just get along?

A “General” Mess: Haley Pullos’s DUI Drama

Finally, we have some unfortunate news. “General Hospital” star Haley Pullos was arrested for a DUI. The cops even found weed edibles and mini bottles of tequila in her car. We’re not condoning this behavior, but we do have to ask: mini bottles of tequila, Haley? Really? If you’re going to get in trouble, at least do it with a full-sized bottle.

So, there you have it! The latest in the world of celebrity gossip. Stay tuned for next week, because you never know what these celebs will get up to next. And remember, if you’re going to shave your face, make sure your room is warm first. We don’t want any “chill” hair growth.

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